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Risk for early childhood overweight calculator

The first two years of life are crucial in determining your child’s health including your child risk for suffering from overweight and obesity.

We have build an innovative model in advanced mathematical-computing methods based of several million measurements to predict this risk at the first year of life.

Would you like to know if your baby is at risk for overweight at early childhood?

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Hi there and thanks for trying out our calculator. Together we'll improve the health and development of our children. First thing first, what is your child's date and week of birth?

This calculator is designed for infants up to six months of age




Moderate Risk

Risk 2

Low Risk

Risk 1

According to THIS early childhood overweight model, your child is at RISK X and has XX% for being at risk of childhood overweight.

Any restriction diet is forbidden at the first years of life;

however, it is important to learn about healthy lifestyle  including: nutrition, physical activity and sleep during this period.

For further information:

Responsive-Feeding (AAP) click here

AAP recommendation click here

Harvard site recommendation click here

On this site, it is recommended to read topics:  feeding-nutrition ,  breastfeeding,  formula-feeding, sleep  and  Physical Activity a Way of Life

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The calculator was built by a team of researchers from

 Health Policy and Management department, school of public health, 

Ben-Gurion University of the Negev- ISRAEL 

and the Israeli MOH Timna project.

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